Cooking Skills

Just like riding a bike, cooking is not something we are born knowing how to do.  This learned skill has benefits far beyond the obvious one of filling your tummy. Cooking is the ability to nourish yourself; the ability to decide what goes into your body and what does not. That’s something we give up when we rely on restaurants and factories to prepare our meals. In addition to the health perks, cooking can be so much fun! 




Cooking Skills 101

Price: $90 plus ingredient cost

What’s Included:

  • 60 minute one-on-one cooking class in your kitchen (or mine) on a topic of interest to you.

  • Possible class topics include: ingredient preparation and storage, making a specific recipe, making over a favorite recipe to be allergen-free, pantry/refrigerator makeover, knife skills, introduction to kitchen gadgets and gear, healthy cooking oils, and any other cooking topic you’re interested in!

  • Note: the price listed above applies for clients who live in the Boulder County area. For Metro Denver and further afield, an additional travel fee may apply.


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